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The Data Net Hawaii Corporation was formed in 1996. A 10 line Bulletin Board System (Gcomm) was the chosen operating system. Offering Multiplayer games and various shareware files. This system had a multiple network of 5 computers. The Bulletin Board System (BBS) was the main telecommunications link for Hawaii users in 1996. The Internet Boom happened in 1998, 2 years after starting. The BBS systems were forced to shut down. Data Net Hawaii was also forced to integrate into the Internet, which was a great move.
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We now see the opportunities on the Internet to serve personal and Business types of web site services. Why? Through the years we have noticed a lot of web site hosting/web design companies out there that are basically over charging personal and Business web site services. Yes! There are some that do professional work, which takes time to create and maintain, so these services have to charge a great deal of money. Most personal and businesses web sites do not need this type of a web site unless you have a big corporate type of business.

Data Net Hawaii is now offering web site services at discounted prices. We operate at a minimum support so that we are able to offer these discounted prices. There are really no overhead bills to pay. Like most Net businesses currently in Hawaii are struggling to survive. Paying rent, line lease, computers, phone lines, utilities, a huge staff, etc. A lot of Net businesses don't last and tend go out of Business. You are then stuck with no hosting server for your site. You would probably have no choice and pay a higher rate of whatever Net Company that takes the accounts.

We are currently leasing servers in the mainland that is backed by a lot of main companies that run the Internet. By doing it this way, we can offer a better service package. Just look at what we have to offer. A lot of these options, our local companies don't offer. Now! Data Net Hawaii, a locally owned company can offer these types of packages. Sorry, local ISP Companies only have a few ways out of Hawaii, so prices to have I-net lines to their servers cost big buck's. They have no choice, but to charge at a higher rate.

For those of you that already have a web site, we still can accept you. As long as you are not in a contract, (local companies tend to do it) you can have your webmaster transfer your site. If you need a new web site design, we also can do it. We just need to know what your needs are. Sorry, heavy maintenance, scripting, database, we cannot do directly. This requires a lot of time and takes away servicing other customers. BUT! send us your requirements, we may be able to do it. We may have an outside web designer interested in doing big jobs. We do not want to turn anyone away without looking at your expected services.

Click here to see our Hawaii Legal registration info. We are a registered company

Thank you!
Burgess Kaneko

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